Holli, The Hero

Holli, the seven years old girl is really scared about a school event, where she is supposed to stand out and tell a poem in front of the whole school. Noone takes her worries seriously, she feels really left alone, when a little monster, Mumus appears in the pocket of her dress. Thanks to this kind and clever monster Holli learns how to handle fear and difficult situations. The monster teaches her that fear help us overcome difficult situations, and it is totally ok to be afraid: what matters is what we channel this emotion. They learn some very simple but effective breathing and muscle exercises, too, that children can do when they are facing a fearful situation, like talking in front of the whole class, or doing a physical challenge. The tale also touches on bravery to say "no" when facing pressure from a community, or accepting people from other cultural background.

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Fear Bravely

Do you hate to be afraid?

After reading this book you will definitely look at this emotion differently and realize how fear can be a blessing! Former war correspondent Hesna Al Ghaoui explores fear from so many – physiological, psychological, social and cultural – aspects than noone before, through powerful stories of her own and of exceptional people she’s met from all over the world. Originating from two countries, Hungary and Syria, both concerned about fear due to political and social issues, she argues that fears shape our modern societies on more levels than ever, nevertheless, fear can be a blessing and serve as fuel to reveal our true capabilities and reach our goals.

“Are you that short in reality? And yet you are not afraid in these dangerous countries?”

This question was aimed at me a hundred times in the past fifteen years, after I had come home from a TV shooting in a war-torn region. My height has never caused me any self-worth issues. However, I just couldn’t understand how anyone can think that I am not afraid in a war zone. Of course I am! Like everyone else would be. But when I replied this to the unsuspicious questioners, I saw a surprising response on their face: disappointment. As if I had stolen an illusion from them. And this phenomenon really caught my interest. Why do people crave for the secret recipe of life without fear? Why is everybody afraid of fear? And have I already faced all of my demons? As a war correspondent and also as a wife, a mother, a half Arabic woman, and a Hungarian citizen I have been searching for the answers and I realized that fear is like fuel, which can bring out the best and the worst in us. But what does it depend on? I was looking for the answer to that question when I started my journey to map fear.


Fear Bravely was translated to Dutch language and was published in Holland in February 2019 by Uitgeverij Pluim. 




On The Lands Of War


A female war correspondent’s confessions about the tragic days of the world’s crisis zones
(published by Alexandra, 2010)

War …
terrorism ….
bombing ….

For us, it still remains a piece of news, however for millions of others it is a harsh reality, a part of everyday life. Bombs falling down from enemy aircraft or the indiscriminate firing on innocent civilians in the street, all to no avail. Life doesn’t stop for anyone.

However, the days of war do not fit in the news. That’s why the reporter travels to the scene in order to show how can one survive all of that with basic living conditions. Though “On the Land of War” is also about the author, Hesna, who has to face the challenges of life’s most banal situations. Besides the dangers of the crises zone: a flat battery or slippers left on her feet which don’t really match her bullet proof vest. She is an ordinary young woman just like everyone else. She has a lot of fun with her sister and throws Christmas parties with her family. Except when she isn’t at home. When she has to leave all these behind in seconds and travel to the place from where everyone else tries to escape.